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  I started out printing pictures for friends and people I took pictures of at conventions, but with the price of developing and/or Ink for my photo printer this quickly got expensive.  So I put up a private sub-page on one of my websites as a simple way for me to share my pictures of conventions with my friends that missed out on taking a picture, or who may have been in the picture and wanted  a copy.  Then I started getting requests to allow their friends, and people they knew, and people I happened to meet at conventions, to have access to them.

  It then dawned that if I had this many people asking me to see my pictures, or asking for copies of the pictures I took, how many other people were going

through the same thing, and how many more where taking pictures, but doing

little or nothing with them.  So on my way home from a on Saturday night, after having a conversation with another fan about how he had ten years of Comicon SanDiego pictures, which he was going to send me (STILL WAITING by the way),  the idea for CONPICTURES.COM was born.

   As I started talking about the new site on the following Sunday when I returned to the convention, I quickly realized that the idea had support, from fans, from the convention workers, vendors, and even the guests.  Almost everyone said stuff like,“I have some many pictures I have taken over the years” or “It’s a good idea, I wonder why no one has done something like it before”, so now we have it.  The web site itself is pretty basic, as I own a web hosting company, but I am not a web designer, so it is a work in progress.  If the page goes over well, I may pay one of my designers to work it up, but in the meantime the functionality of the site works and that is the main goal.

  I hope you enjoy the site, tell your friends and submit your own pictures.

  Christopher Knuth - Conpictures.com