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   Conpictures.com is a free site, there is no cost to the visitors, to look,

Share, download, upload, and take part in the forums (coming soon) !

   Running the site is done in part from a donation of the web site hosting

space from my company PITTSBURGH AREA COMPUTER SERVICES, and

money of my own.  While I am working on keeping the costs down, advertising

for the site (i.e. Business cards, flyers, and ads in convention handouts)  are

unfortunately not free.  We are looking into CONPICTURES.COM t-shirts, and other freebies to hand out at conventions to help promote the site, which also will cost us something. In addition we are raising money to have the site

revamped with a more professional look, as I have said I am not a web designer.  

   Donations are not required, but if you like the site, and would like to

support the site any and all donations are welcome.  We have had a couple of people mention being able to get us some printing (business card and ads) for free or a low cost, but that is still in the planning stages, so we are still looking.  T-shirt printing is also something we are looking for, as well as any monetary donations to help with the costs of maintaining the site, phone, and future p.o. Box would be appreciated.  

Monetary donations can be made through paypal at :

  donate@conpictures.com   or by clicking    

A thank you to all donators.

   Christopher Knuth - Conpictures.com