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welcome to conpictures.com   

You know you have them, we all do !

All the convention pictures you took over the years.

You looked at them once, then filed them in a box,

drawer, or some folder on the hard drive,

Never to be Seen Again !

Now you have some place to share those pictures with Everyone !

These Pictures are being share for your personal enjoyment

no authorization is given or should be perceived for resale or commercial use

Send them to us, we will sort them by convention and year if possible

and then post them in their corresponding gallery.  If you have p

ictures from a convention you don't see a gallery for, let us know and we

will make one for them.  Have pictures, but don't remember where there

from, send them in anyway, someone else might remember where there from.

We want all the pictures, pictures of the convention itself, the guests,

you and a guest, you and your friends, costume contests, panels,

people at the after parties, anything you want to share,

because you might think the picture is a bust,

but someone else might love it, so share them all.

I hope you enjoy the site.  The site is still under construction, so if you have

any comments or questions please send them to share@conpictures.com